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Tao of Panda Sex manual and Bootleg Bape Sars Mask

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"Tao of Panda Sex" Manual

The Tao of Pandasex manual functions as both cryptic style manual and diary. Readers will be offered glimpses into the cluttered and madcap cerebellum of Bay Area native Pandasex who has dedicated much of the last decade and half to executing unorthodox graffiti throughout cityscapes the world over. While viewing his sketches, at times coupled with photos of the masterpieces worked onto walls, the viewer may pick up on references/influences ranging from bootleg designer to full-on psychedelia. His visual work has been exhibited across the globe. Pandasex's static work and dynamic paintings have been featured in MOCA’s Art in the Streets exhibit, two separate exhibitions at New Image Art in Los Angeles, Barry McGee’s retrospective at The Berkeley Art Museum, and the Oakland Museum of Art’s Fertile Ground Exhibition. His most recent solo exhibition, Chinese Bootleg Mexican Hyphy Store, gained great regard at More Funner Projects in Miami, his work was featured in Art Forum and has been recognized as a creator setting the standard for originality. Psychedelia and innovation culminate in PANDASEX’s work--garnering extensive support and respect from both the academic and urban spheres. PANDASEX’s futuristic sensibilities invoke a humorous commentary on the divide between current graffiti culture and institutional “high art” exhibited professionally.

The Tao of Panda Sex manual is 75 pages printed in full color

Bootleg Sars Mask is one size fits all