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Mark Beyer: “Ne’er-do-Wellers”

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Mark Beyer: “Ne’er-do-Wellers”

Mark Beyer (born 1950) is an auto-didact American artist/cartoonist known for his dismal, yet satirical, storylines that often feature death, depression, violence, and calamity. Beyer’s work has been featured in such publications as the New York Times; all but two issues of Raw Magazine; Raw Vision Magazine, weekly appearances in the LA Weekly for seven consecutive years; The Village Voice; New Music Express; The New York Press; and a recurring animated short series on MTV's Liquid Television, titled The Adventures of Thomas and Nardo. Beyer’s illustrations have graced the album covers of prolific musicians including John Zorn, The Residents, and many others. Director Greg Arraki’s blockbuster film, The Doom Generation starring Rose McGowan, was based on Beyer’s renowned comic strip Amy and Jordan—the film’s creation was unbeknownst to Beyer until after its release, and he has yet to be credited. Beyer’s paintings and comics have been exhibited internationally throughout his 40-plus year career.

Family Books in Los Angeles, CA will play host to Beyer’s first publication release in over 12 years. This venue will offer the artist’s original work for purchase, and will be exhibiting these pieces to the public from October 26th to December 1st, 2017.

Beyer’s upcoming publication, to be released at the opening of his exhibition, is titled “Ne’er-do-Wellers.” It acts as a commentary on hand-selected low-profile news reports occurring in his current home of Albuquerque, NM. The cover image focuses on the true story of a man who was crucified to a tree outside of the city. Other illustrations focus on stories such as the incident of an individual stealing 816 shopping carts over several months, and another where a police helicopter was shot down while searching for a murder suspect. These illustrations are the culmination of Beyer’s interest and visual discussion of local crime reports—many of which are horrific or absurd, yet always capable of being satirized.

The 25 page published zine will be released in an edition of 200 along with a birthday card and three postcards, all hand signed and numbered by the artist.

This publication is released by Trapset Zines and is sponsored by Provincetown Art Association and Museum.

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